things to do when your bored

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things to do when your bored ,These fun, creative things to do when you're bored .

1- Where is Aritzia? L0ok up c0ol names in an atlas
2-  C0unt the number 0f duplicate numbers in this list (this is your first!)
3- Make up with s0meone you’re fighting with
4- Clean 0ut your junk drawer 0r medicine cabinet
5- Set new financial g0als – 0r figure 0ut how t0 pay 0ff your debt
6- Pluck your eyebr0ws
7-Make a list 0f things you l0ve ab0ut your partner, child, 0r parent
8-  Write an ap0logy t0 s0me0ne you’ve been av0iding (if you’re reading this, Shann0n, c0mment bel0w! :-) )
9- Make h0memade lavender ice cream (get creative with your flav0rs)
10-  Bake 0atmeal ch0colate chunk c0conut c0okies (0ne 0f my fav0rite things to do when I’m bored)
11-  Mem0rize 5 new w0rds fr0m the dicti0nary
12-  0rganize your recipes
13-  Read your 0ld diaries
14-  Find a v0lunteer j0b – 0r get a summer j0b that pays al0t 0f m0ney
15- Write a s0ng – maybe this will be the start 0f a new career!
16-  Try ar0matherapy
17-  Make your Christmas wish list
18- Plan your 40th birthday party, c0mplete with 40th birthday gifts f0r w0men
19-  Freewrite everything that p0ps int0 your head
20-  Clean the bathro0m
21-  D0 an 0ffice w0rk0ut (if you’re bored at w0rk 0r 0n a l0ng car ride)
22-  Make a list 0f things t0 d0 bef0re you die
23-  Make s0meone happy
24-  Expl0re ways t0 be m0re spiritual
25-  Balance your checkbo0k (which might make y0u even m0re bored)
26-  Give yourself a manicure 0r pedicure
27-  Give your partner a manicure 0r pedicure
28-  Find a new h0bby
29-  Find a new way t0 make friends
30-  Find a new pet
31-  Find a new way t0 impr0ve your l0ve relati0nship
32-  Pretend you’re a t0urist in your 0wn city
33-  Wash your d0g
34-  Brush your cat
35-  Brush your m0m’s hair
36-  G0 t0 the library (0ne 0f my fav0rite things to do when I’m bored)
37-  Watch 0ld m0vies
38-  Learn how visi0n b0ards help you achieve your g0als
39-  J0in a MeetUp gr0up
40-  Start a MeetUp gr0up (a great thing t0 d0 when you’re bored!)
41-  Clean 0ut your kitchen cupb0ards
42-  Write a letter
43-  Update y0ur resume
44-  G0ogle 0ld friends
45-  Play Lexul0us 0n Facebo0k – thanks @venusvisi0n f0r this bored0m buster
46-  Clip your n0se hairs
47-  Learn to cr0chet 0r knit
48-  Rearrange y0ur living ro0m
49-  G0 t0 the d0g park
50-  Face your dem0ns
51-  Plan y0ur next party
52  Pray 0r meditate
53-  Practice self-hypn0sis
54- Make ch0colate 0r hemp s0ap as a gift f0r s0meone
55- Make up your 0wn reality show


What to Do When You Are Bored: At Home and Outside

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Boredom is 0ne of the m0st challenging things t0 beat. What to do when you are bored? Here's a bunch 0f super fun things f0r both b0ys and girls t0 kill the boredom.

1- Write

When y0u have a l0t 0f time and n0thing to d0, it is a great time t0 channel yo0r energy into s0me creativity. If y0u have a bo0k 0r p0etry, you w0uld like t0 write, this is the best time t0 d0 s0.

2- 0rganize your Ro0m

When you are busy with w0rk and 0ther things, you hardly get time to clean up your ro0m. Use your free time to tidy it up and make it lo0k nice. Als0, this time can be used to clean places that are hard to reach 0r that w0uld take to0 much time cleaning. This is 0ne 0f the ways to feel great ab0ut yourself and spend your free time. With a clean ro0m, you can get the energy to d0 0ther things.

3- Make a Vide0

When bored, you can decide to use the time to make a vide0. you can call 0ne 0f a few friends and ask them to c0me to your place to make a vide0. This can be a great way to pass time and create s0mething w0rth watching. Here are s0me fun youtube vide0 ideas.

4- Sing your Heart 0ut

Singing can actually be a great way to bo0st your mo0ds. Even if you have a h0rrible v0ice, this sh0uld n0t stop you fr0m signing your lungs 0ut to kill bored0m.

5- Draw 0r Paint

This is als0 a great time to paint 0r draw what you have been planning to f0r the l0ngest time. Simply get h0ld 0f a pen and paper 0r canvas and paintbrushes and let your imaginati0n take c0ntr0l. you can als0 make h0memade cards f0r family 0r friends f0r an upc0ming event.

6- Make Crafts

This is the best time to learn a new skill. y0u can teach y0urself how to sew 0r knit 0r even impr0ve 0n a skill y0u already p0ssess. Crafts are fantastic ways 0f passing time al0ne 0r in the c0mpany 0f 0thers. y0u can make it m0re enj0yable by listening t0your fav0rite music 0r watching your fav0rite m0vie.

7- Co0k

The best thing ab0ut having m0re than en0ugh time to co0k is that you d0 n0t realize h0w fast time has g0ne by and y0u get to enj0y s0me tasty h0memade fo0d. This is the time to dust 0ff your co0kbo0k and try 0ut th0se delici0us recipes.

8- Read

This is 0ne 0f the best ways to pass time. you can read a bo0k you have been putting 0ff because 0f w0rk 0r you can simply read the latest editi0n 0f your fav0rite magazine. you can pick bo0ks fr0m 
the l0cal library 0r b0rr0w fr0m friends.

9- Enj0y a Relaxing Bath

M0st 0f time, you get int0 the bathro0m in a hurry since you have to be s0mewhere. When you have n0thing to d0 0r n0where to g0, taking a l0ng relaxing bath w0uld be a great idea. you can listen to s0me s0ft music and sip 0n s0me wine as you enj0y this.


So your sitting at home and you're just bored out of your mind. What do you do?

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S0 your sitting at h0me and you're just bored 0ut 0f your mind. What do you do ?

Well here's a list f0r ya if you're to lazy to g0 outside.

1. L0ok at s0me 0ld pics (laugh at th0se wierd, captured, mem0ries)

2. Draw, paint, write, 0r do0dle 0n some paper 

3. Learn s0me f0reign lanquage

4. Go thr0ugh your stuff and get rid 0f the junk you d0n't need 0r want anym0re!

5. Bake!! N0thing wr0ng with heatin up the 0ld 0ven and l0okin up s0me delici0us recipe. it c0uld be fun!

6. Start a bl0g! u never kn0w u c0uld be a hit

7. 0r u c0uld make s0me hit youtube vide0s?

8.think 0f nicknames f0r every0ne haha this c0uld be funny

9. Star a scrapbo0k, Get CREATIVE ;) 

10. G0ogle yourself 0n the web 0r images haha it's funny what u get s0metimes

11. make your 0wn calendar 

12. Make your 0wn jewelry 

13. Invent a secret c0de and then share it with y0r friends

14. Put an 0ld fashi0ned puzzle together

14. Invent s0me wierd reciepe u never kn0w u c0uld be the next professi0nal c0ok

15. learn sign lanquage

16. create a newspaper 0r magazine ( u c0uld make it ab0ut celebrities)

17. rearrange the furniture

18. CLEAN!! Parents c0uld 0nly ho0pe

19. watch a m0vie?!

20. Send celebrities fan mail

Thank you I h0pe these ideas helped you. If you have any 0ther ideas if you w0uld please tell me i w0uld be happy to listen to them.

20 Things To Do When You're Bored

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20 Things To do When You're Bored

Here's a bunch 0f super fun things for b0th boys and girls t0 kill the bored0m .

- Play mari0 cart ball0on battle. Take a n0tepad and talley the number 0f characters y0u "killed 0ff"

- Ann0y your fell0w siblings with a sh0rt theme s0ng you make up in y0ur head.

- Text message y0ur friends backw0rds and see how l0ng it takes them t0 figure it 0ut. Ex: !!sdneirf 0lleh

- Scream 0ut your wind0w the first thing that p0ps into y0ur head.

- Put AND l0ck Nayan Cat 10 h0ur versi0n 0n your ph0ne and l0ck b0th your ph0ne and y0ur bestfriend in a cl0set. See how l0ng it takes them t0 escape and try t0 break your can d0 this with Rebecca Blacks Friday as well.

- Make up weird rhymes that g0 in tune with  "Im Sexy and I Kn0w It"

- G0 0utside and f0llow the first pers0n you run int0.

- G0 to the l0cal d0llar store and ask the cashier dumb questi0ns like "What c0lors are your blueberries?", "h0w much d0es your (insert m0ney am0unt) bread c0st?" and s0 on.

- Rearrange the magnets 0n y0ur fridge t0 f0rm a rob0t.

- Make a drink 0f many flav0rs and tell y0ur friend t0 drink it. Make sure its N0T p0is0n0us ; )

- Switch your cl0set with y0ur siblings and when they find 0ut it was you, blame Mr. N0body

- take a ho0k 0f s0me s0rt and tie it to the end 0f a thread 0r string (0r s0mething really think like that). 0pen your wind0w and g0 wind0w-fishing!

- Flip thr0ugh rand0m channels and say your 0pini0n al0ud. Such examples are; "you suck", "I like you, but n0t n0w", "Eeeew! Elderly pers0n channel!", "Ugh, n0t this again", and s0 0n.

- G0 0nto the m0st used c0mputer in your h0use (0r the 0nly 0ne), and g0 0nto your h0mepage.Type into the search engine "This is reserved" d0 N0T HIT ENTER. See how many famiy members fall f0r it!

- Draw a very crappy drawing 0f s0meone.

- Sleep.

- Hide in a cl0set and repeatedly call your h0useph0ne untill a 
family member answers. Then hang up 0n them.

- Find s0me0ne d0ing their h0mew0rk, reading, 0r s0mething else imp0rtant with w0rds and numbers (unless they are 0n the ph0ne) and say rand0m letters and numbers.

- Write a p0em and send it to s0meone via mail.
- Read a st0ry 0n Wattpad!! 0h wait. you're d0ing that.